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Meet ups

The Echo Chamber Club hosts quarterly meet ups at Newspeak House in Shoreditch. These are for those working in improving healthy information environments, subjects might include disinformation, information warfare, polarisation, political theory, data rights & ethics, privacy & surveillance, political advertising, cultural outreach, transparency and more. 

We aim to stimulate conversation and collaboration between people working in adjacent fields. In order to do this, we invite provocations from those in our community to articulate their thoughts relating to their current work.

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Last meet up

24th Sept

This event will be virtual on Zoom and 

Provocations from...

Teddy Lamb - Playwright and performer

Harriet Kingaby - Co-chair, Conscious Advertising Network

Savena Surana and Arda Awais - Creators, Identity 2.0

Previous Meetups

27th January 2020: Provocations from:

Alain de Botton - philosopher, writer, founder of School of Life

Frederike Kaltheuner - Mozilla fellow, Privacy International

Areeq Chowdhury - Future Advocacy, WebRoots Democracy


1st October 2019: Provocations from:

Nafisa Bakkar - founder and CEO of Amaliah and CEO of Halal Gems. 

Charlie Beckett - Professor at LSE, Director at Polis

Gemma Milne - tech and science journalist and co-founder of Science: Disrupt. 


11th June 2019 - Provocations from:

Ali Goldsworthy - founder of the Depolarisation Project at Stanford.

Kalypso Nicolaidis - professor of International Relations at Oxford University. 

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